Deco Abrusci Decorations

This job was part of my beginning of my career fulfilling a number of tasks while I´ve was in college and helping their graphic designer developing her work, this opportunity provides me skills in this working area.

Tianshi Venezuela S.A.

Performance of tasks as Graphic Designer for the company performing arts for the use of the same inside the company as well as for its use in events of the same, such fuero designs (magazines, flyers, assembly of display cases for products, banners for Events, web banners, among others).

Señalven Venezuela C.A.

Making graphic signage pieces to be used by commercial establishments such as restaurants, shopping centers, among others.

Corporación Tecnológica Liftven C.A.

Company in charge of the area of ​​manufacture and installation of elevators. The tasks performed were as director of the department of graphic design and which consisted in the production of graphic pieces for the internal use of the company as well as for its external use of it.

APD Printng C.A.

The tasks performed for this Canadian company were the realization of graphic arts for clients in the city of Kitchener - Canada which consisted in sending the design request by the supplier located in the same city and which contained the guidelines for the Design requested by the client. The graphic arts made for it were (business cards, photo montages among others).

Servi Shopping C.A.

Company dedicated to the sale and distribution of sports products such as flannels, helmets for extreme sports, gloves, among others FOX, Roller Blade, Volcom, among others. The tasks performed for this company were the realization of graphic pieces for the internal use of the same as also for the use in events and when the promotion of products and events was required

Tecno Data Corp 2015

Performing graphic arts to be implemented in web pages requested by clients at national and international level among the arts that are made in the company are (web banners, banners for events, creation of galleries "Slide Show", among others). In addition to assisting in the area of ​​web design and programming.

CENCOLP "Centro Colombiano de Investigacion e Intervencion Psicologica"

Colombian company dedicated to research and teaching in the psychological area for all ages. The work I do in this company is the creation of designs for both the web and external promotion of the company through the creation of designs for social networks as well as the assistance to the computer staff in the placement of such courses on the web. (THIS WORK WAS REMOTELY PERFORMED UNDER FREELANCE DESIGNER)..

ASG Multiplex

Development of marketing strategies in social networks, web development, graphic design, content creation and management, as well as creating newsletter promoting products and courses that the company imparts to its technical installers of surveillance equipment.