Tomas Gabriel Hernandez Lugo

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Born in the city of Caracas - Venezuela on July 9, 1985, currently 31 years old and with more than 4 years of experience. He began his primary studies at the Colegio Santiago de León in Caracas, continuing them at the Cruz Carrillo College Educational Unit located in the same city culminating in 2005, and later began his university studies at the Instituto Tecnológico Antonio José de Sucre to obtain his degree University as Technical Superior University in Graphic Design graduating satisfactorily in the year 2012. Since that date to the present time he has done several works for companies dedicated to the area of ​​Graphic Design. Later on, for the year 2015, I started to study in the web area specifically web programming (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, among others) as well as in the part of integration and web marketing and digital design specifically in the Area of ​​digital design (animations, 3d, among others). As a professional you are constantly in the implementation of new knowledge in the area of ​​digital technology.

I consider myself to be a highly creative person with a great sense of commitment when it comes to projects as it is the best business card for a professional.

- Tomas Hernandez -

In this web portal you will be able to appreciate the work that has been doing TOMAS HERNANDEZ both for Digital Graphic Design as well as in the Web area. This compilation has works done for the use of several companies as well as personally. In all these works it is reflected the high degree of creativity with which this professional has. At the moment it is in constant updating as far as techniques and styles of design is treated in order to be able to provide excellent results for the full satisfaction of its clients. It should be noted that this web site was designed and developed by TOMAS HERNANDEZ from scratch.